Programming a Backend Server

Python-Flask JSON API. Code for this project can be found here.


During the spring semester of 2015 at the University of Connecticut, I worked as a student software developer for Professor Karthik Konduri. Basically, I developed a backend API for use with an Android mobile application. The Android app’s purpose was to track UConn Student Transportation Vehicles (i.e. the bus system on campus). The app allows student bus riders to locate buses traveling various routes in real time.

A RESTful backend services the mobile app using Python’s “Flask” framework. The backend API follows standard GTFS (General Transit Feed Specifications).

The backend uses GTFS so that it is scalable to not just the UConn campus, but larger cities as well (it was actually tested on the city of Meriden, CT). It works as follows: a zip file containing GTFS information on various transportation data is fed into a parser, which generates objects through the object-relational-mapping tool of Python-Flask.

API endpoints were exposed specifically to help the Android app function efficiently. For example, parameters could be passed in the URL to filter routes, trips, and stops based on start time, stop time, and areas within specific latitude and longitude.